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Evangel University is a lively and diverse community of students, faculty, staff and alumni striving to create a legacy of Spirit-empowered action. Our social media communities should reflect the best qualities of our university community—they should be active, diverse, dynamic and God-focused. To ensure that the content we share is relevant and interesting to our audience, any content posted on Evangel-hosted social media sites should be done so in accordance with the following guidelines.

Best Practice Basics

  • The ideal length for a tweet is about 80-120 characters, including links. That leaves room for our community members to re-tweet and add their own comments to our post. Whenever possible, keep tweets under that character limit.
  • The ideal length of a Facebook post is up to 120 characters. Posts should be limited to 80 characters whenever possible to maximize the potential for interaction. However, engaging questions could extend to 120 characters. Whenever possible, keep posts under that character limit.
  • Be direct. Use the classic five W’s (and an H) to help you determine what information the audience needs and why they need it. Answer those questions as briefly as possible to build your message.
  • Show; don’t just tell. Whenever possible, use an engaging (high quality) photo or graphic to accompany your post. GIFs are a great way to engage a college-aged audience on Twitter.
  • Stay current. Use the most up-to-date photos, recent articles and timely statistics you can find.
  • The best content is meaningful content. Every social media post should be valuable to its audience – teach them something, show them something new, make them laugh, make them think, let them share. Find a way to communicate that meaning in every post.

Post Frequency

The optimal number of daily posts per platform varies highly, but the key to success on social media is consistency. For all Evangel-branded social media accounts, follow these guidelines for frequency of posting:


Current studies are showing that on Facebook Pages, one to three posts per day is the sweet spot. While posting every day may not be possible for your department or organization, there should be at least three posts per week on any public Facebook Page.

Since Facebook Groups operate more as communities than news outlets, they should be updated as frequently as there is relevant information or opportunity for conversation.


On Twitter, you’ll see value out of up to 20 posts per day, not counting replies to folks who tweet at you or respond to your posts, so talk to your followers! Engage them whenever you can. Use Twitter to advertise your events, share news and link to articles, but remember to sprinkle your news posts into the conversation—don’t just broadcast.


Since Instagram is a purely visual platform, there is significant value in frequent and consistent posting. The more a user has to look at, the longer they’ll stay engaged with your profile. Post there at least four times per week.

Managing interactions

Social media is a conversational tool. Whenever possible, respond to your engaged followers on any platform.

  • Keep your followers engaged with your Facebook content by responding to comments in a timely manner, especially when there are questions involved.
  • Twitter operates in real time. Conversations move quickly, as they would if users were talking to each other in person or via text message. It’s not a hit-and-run platform—users want to feel like you’re involved and engaged.
  • Respond to negative comments or disagreements respectfully, but be firm in expressing your page’s standards for others’ behavior.
  • Don’t remove or censor follower comments unless they’re obviously SPAM, they are irrelevant to page content or they violate decency standards (obscene language or content, etc.) Social media users do not respond well to blanket censorship.

Use of Hashtags

Hashtags place your social media posts in searchable, platform-based categories. Searching #HelloEvangel on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will reveal a list of admissions-focused posts from the university and prospective students. However, these categories are not limited to individual posters. Popular or trending hashtag searches will include posts from a wide variety of users.

There are a few things to consider when attaching a hashtag to a social media post:

  • Always search the hashtag before attaching it to a post, to ensure that there are no issues with propriety from other posters. Since we’re a conservative Christian university, safe is better than sorry in these situations.
  • Long hashtags can be difficult to read. Capitalize the first letter of each word to make them easier to understand.
  • Special characters (like @, !, etc.) will “break” your hashtag, and so cannot be used.

Evangel-branded hashtags:

#HelloEvangel – admissions and prospective student focused posts
#EULife, #EUAwesome – student life focused posts
#EUChapel – posts about Chapel services
#EvangelAlum, #EvangelAlumni – alumni related posts
#EULaunch – launch week posts
#EUKindnessConfetti – spontaneous acts of kindness in the Evangel community

Use of images

When using images in social media posts:

  • Use a high-quality, recent, relevant image.
  • Size the image appropriately for the channel and use. A guide to social media image sizes can be found
  • Always give attribution when using images that belong to others, and respect copyright/terms of use limitations.
  • Examine the image for any inappropriate references, items.

Official University social media accounts


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