The logo is Evangel’s single most important visual element and should be treated as a graphic icon. As our primary graphic identifier, the logo must appear on all communications, including but not limited to brochures, stationery, business cards and the university website.


The logo should appear prominently on every external-facing communication piece, with ample whitespace surrounding it and, where space allows, the university tagline underneath, as follows:

The university tagline may also be used in headers and body copy with the “u” capitalized.

Example: Discover the greater yoU at Evangel.

Never manipulate the logo

This rule includes but is not restricted to type, rules, surrounding boxes, shadows, outlines and embellishments. Do not create secondary logos to represent a department or organization. For questions regarding logo usage, please contact marketing@evangel.edu.

If inaccurate logos are being used, the creator will be notified and the logo removed immediately.

Standard logo

AGTS logo

Black and White logo CMYK

Reverse Logo

EU The Greater You-NM-Rev2


EU Launch logo


Evangel University logo without the tagline is to be used on digital materials or when the standard logo is smaller than one inch.


Evangel University logo without the tagline is to be used on embroidery materials or when the standard logo is smaller than one inch.

Case by case

The following logos can be used on a case-by-case basis, upon permission from Evangel University Marketing.

Evangel University-stacked-NM Evangel University-stacked-RevEvangel University-stacked-Black

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t modify, stretch or distort the logo in any way.

  • Don’t use these marks in an unreadable size.

  • Do maintain empty space equal to the height of the ‘E’ in the text Evangel University around all sides of the logo.

E-space border

  • Do keep the logo straight and free of filters and effects.
  • Do use the standard logo on most backgrounds.
  • Do use the black logo on black and white or dark materials.
  • Do use the reverse/white logo on black and white or light materials.
  • Don’t use the logo on backgrounds that are not solid color. If alternate background color is being used, permission from the Evangel University Marketing team should be obtained.

Department Identification

Name of departments are represented in one of these four locations outside of the university logo’s clear space. In any location, the unit name may not be typeset to appear integrated with the university logo or a secondary signature.

Behavioral & Social Sciences Business Communication