Logo_bigBrand Guidelines

Consider this document as your friendly guide designed to help you navigate the basic design elements that make up the Evangel University brand. When in doubt, always refer back to your guide in order to maintain consistency and integrity of the brand. Open Guidelines


The logo is Evangel’s single most important visual element and should be treated as a graphic icon. As our primary graphic identifier, the logo must appear on all communications, including but not limited to brochures, stationery, business cards and the university website. Read More

Social MediaSocialMedia_big

Evangel University is a lively and diverse community of students, faculty, staff and alumni striving to create a legacy of Spirit-empowered action. Our social media communities should reflect the best qualities of our university community—they should be active, diverse, dynamic and God-focused. Read More.

EditorialStyle_bigEditorial Style

To convey key messages effectively and offer a unified, positive representation of Evangel University to prospective students, parents, alumni, donors and the community at large, the Evangel University Brand requires a single, consistent copy style. Read More.


The influence of color on emotion and perception is widely accepted. Much more than simply embellishing an ad, color plays an integral role in the way people interact with our brand. Evangel’s colors have been chosen strategically for the unique ways each contributes to our brand’s overall look, feel and message. Read More.


Consistent typography is a primary way of defining Evangel’s visual identity. Typefaces provide visual contrast and play a critical role in how communication is read. Read More.


Download official media from Evangel University (access code required). View Available Downloads.